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KIP 7770

  • 36" 2 or 4 Roll Copy/Print/Color Scan System

  • 9 D Size prints per minute

  • 600 x 2400 dpi

  • 100% Toner Efficient - Zero Waste

  • Color Multi Touch Controls

  • Smart Eco2 Design

  • Energy Star

KIP Technology Options

  • KIP PrintNET – A full featured web based viewing, printing and print management application that utilizes standard browsers to print

  • Cloud Printing – The ability to use any phone, tablet, laptop or PC to produce large prints using nothing more than an email with attachments and a few key words.

  • KIP Print – PC based printing application centered on production workflow that provides a fast and easy way to submit jobs to FTP sites and print via networks with the same powerful feature set.

  • KIP Color RIP – Provides imaging professionals advanced color management with support for ICC profiles, Includes quality control features, image editing capabilities, advanced image paneling, nesting of images for optimum media usage & more.

  • Touch screen Printing – provides the power of touch controls to view, scale, organize and print file sets from USB, CD’s, DVD’s and network locations

  • Smart Multi Touch Controls – super view image control – copy, scan and print previews. Instantly view b&w and color images. Multi touch controls allow you to zoom, rotate & pan the image preview

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