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Gx+ T28 MFP

The SmartLF Gx+ T28 scanner range is the first true 1200dpi optical resolution CCD scanner. It combines the benefits of new, instant-on LED lighting featuring lower energy requirements, with the superior color imaging attributes of CCD technology. In one uniquely versatile system, the AEC, CAD and GIS users’ need for sharply defined line detail in technical documents and maps is fulfilled as well as the highly accurate color reproduction and copy demands of graphics professionals.

The SmartLF Gx+ T28 scanner range boasts power-saving ENERGY STAR compliance and fast scan speeds that are unavailable in any other product. Importantly, the SmartLF is the only scanner with “scan once” software that works in real-time without a need to rescan, saving you time and money, making you more productive. This system offers scan-to-file, scan-to-copy, and scan-to-email in both monochrome and color. System includes a comprehensive suite of software for scanning and copying.

The Colortrac Gx+ T28 MFP includes the NEW Colortrac Gx+ T28e high speed color scanner, universal reprographic stand, CopySmart/ScanWorks software, SmartLF software, and Dell workstation (including the Dell 3 year on-site warranty), as well as the 2 year GEI WideFormat warranty including parts, labor and travel!

  • High definition 1200 dpi optical CCD resolution- the highest available!

  • Unique 2D LED illumination system- instant-on, long-life, no fluorescent tubes

  • 28” image width, 34.13” media width

  • 12 ips monochrome at 200 dpi, up to 4 ips color

  • A perfect match for your wide format inkjet printer!

Included Software

SmartWorks EZ

SmartWorks is the next generation of Colortrac’s powerful family of productivity software for their award winning line of wide format graphic and technical document scanners. SmartWorks EZ, which replaces the original SmartLF software, comes bundled with every SmartLF scanner purchase. It’s new, cleaner interface has been designed for more efficient use on touch screen displays.

Optional Software

SmartWorks Pro

Colortrac's next generation of professional productivity software that is intuitive enough for the occasional user to quickly master. SmartWorks Pro utilizes the time saving Scan-Once Workflow that allows for real-time image adjustments without the need for additional re-scans.

Let SmartWorks Pro enhance your productivity by using the 10 Preset Filters for quick selection of your preferred key scanning parameters. This helps unskilled operators make the sensible choice of the correct image processing

to be used for the ten most common document types scanned and the key operator can create additional Preset Filters to key scanning features for more unusual types of documents.

SmartWorks Pro will attach profile information to each scanned image file, ensuring accurate color reproduction when reloading into SmartWorks Pro or displaying using other color calibrated viewers. When viewing the color or tonal changes of a scanned image, SmartWorks Pro provides the user with a color managed and smooth flicker-free display showing exactly how the changes made will affect the final color of the output document.

Available Accessories

We recommend the following accessories for a more practical configuration:

Document Carriers

Protect your fragile or sensitive documents while archiving. These clear acrylic sheets boast better performance than traditional vinyl solutions. Available with white or black backing sheets in either D or E sizes.

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