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WideTEK Bookeye 4

The WideTEK Bookeye 4 is a high resolution book scanner for formats up to 24.4 x 16.9. This scanner is designed to provide fast, high quality scans, copy or file distributions of large format bound documents such as books, maps, renderings, valuable scripts or folders and many other documents that are require to remain in their natural state on the scan surface. The do not need to be unbound separated or carefully positioned.

  • 600 dpi optical resolution

  • Scan area 24.4 x 16.9

  • 2 second scan speed for 17 x 24" scan

  • LED illumination for over a million scans

  • CCD Technology – linear CCD’s w/ dual reflecting mirrors

  • Precise scanning lens with CCD Image sensors

  • V-Cradle 120 degree angle or flat

  • USB

  • Gigabit Ethernet connectivity

  • Windows, Linux, Mac, OS, Unix compatible

Optional Software

  • Scan2IPF - for direct and fast copy to imagePROGRAF

  • Scan2ICC - Online Tool for Creating an Individual ICC Profile

  • Scan2USB - Walk Up Scanning to USB Stick

  • Scan2VGA - Virtual Graphic Application

  • Scan2EDIT - Scanning and Image Processing in a Single Step

  • Scan2PDF - Creating PDF/A Formats

  • Scan2PAD- Flexible Scanning from an iPad or Android Tablet

  • Batch Scan Wizard - For Large Quantities of Documents

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